Africa Oil Corp. (“AOI” or the “Company”) is committed to operating in a socially responsible and transparent manner. We put the protection of people and property first and comply with all legislation and good industry practices.

The Company recognizes that oil and gas activities may result in disturbances to the host communities in its areas of operation. Therefore, we are committed to protecting and sustaining the environment and seek to minimize our potential impact to host communities.


Our goal is to ensure that activities for which we are responsible cause no harm to our people or our host communities and that we build effective relationship with host communities and other stakeholders.

The Company will evaluate the effectiveness of the Company’s relations with its stakeholders through the mutual benefit obtained through engaging in constructive actions and dialogues with individuals, communities, and institutions as well as the projects resulting therefrom.

Where we have operational control, all activities will be planned and implemented in accordance with the more stringent of national regulatory requirements and the Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability of the International Finance Corporation. Where we do not have operational control, we will work with our operating partners to the extent possible to ensure that activities are undertaken in a manner consistent with this Policy.

Our Stakeholders

Stakeholders are people or organizations which may be affected by or influence the Company’s activities, such as shareholders, employees, governments and local communities, charitable organizations, as well as business partners, contractors, industry groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international organizations, academics and media.

How we Engage with Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is the process by which the Company and its stakeholders exchange information and viewpoints in relation to the Company’s activities. It involves the Company sharing its operational plans, and stakeholders bringing their perspectives or concerns to the Company. This process enables the Company to be aware of and as a result manage stakeholder issues, risks and opportunities.

Stakeholder engagement may take place at a local, national or international level; it may cover commercial, environmental, financial, governance, human rights, operational, social and other relevant issues; it may vary in form and timing according to the type of issues involved.

Community Relations

The Company seeks to contribute to enhancing the living standards and wellbeing of local host communities in the areas it operates, by hiring local staff and participating in local community development projects when applicable.

Activities undertaken in the areas in which the Company operates are carried out in consultation with representatives of the local community and other stakeholders.

Sustainable Investments

The Company commits to contributing in a positive way to the overall social and economic wellbeing of citizens in our host countries. The Company is committed to delivering tangible and sustainable development opportunities to targeted populations through community infrastructure, sustainable livelihoods initatives and economic developments. The company does this primarily through the Lundin Foundation and sometimes by corporate donations.

Application & Accountability

This Policy applies to Africa Oil Corp. and its subsidiary companies. The Company’s Chief Operating Officer has overall responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of this policy.

Senior leadership within the Company and its subsidiaries are accountable for the implementation of and adherence to this Policy. At country level, the VP Operations (or similar) has the ultimate responsibility for identifying and engaging with relevant stakeholders as well as communicating internal and external stakeholder concerns or proposals.

The Company will develop an appropriate management system to implement this Policy, and measure performance as part of a process of continuous improvement.

The Company will work with its Operating Partners to support their use of management systems that are consistent with this Policy.

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for providing leadership and direction to achieve Stakeholder Engagement and Community Relations goals, targets and objectives and for implementation of the performance review process.

The Board of Directors will provide oversight of implementation of this Policy.

This Policy will be communicated to our employees, Operating Partners, contractors and relevant stakeholders. All employees and contractors are responsible for conducting their work in conformance with this Policy.