Community Development Highlights

Africa Oil is committed to creating shared prosperity with host communities located near to our operations through our local sourcing and community development activities.

Community Development

Community development initiatives reflect the local development context and operational stage of activities and typically fall into four priority themes:

  • Community health care;
  • Improved education and skills;
  • Access to energy; and
  • Strengthening local livelihoods and economic development.

Approach: Africa Oil works closely with local and national stakeholders to identify key needs. At the community level, Africa Oil engages local communities to propose relevant projects. All projects are vetted against the following criteria:

  • Type and Scale of Impact - What impact will the project have on local communities and how does it fit within the priority themes? How many people will the project benefit?
  • Sustainability - Is there demonstrated local ownership over the project and and a clear pathway to long term sustainability?
  • Timeline - Given the uncertainty of exploration activities, do project timelines align with operational timelines to ensure adequate oversight on project delivery and results?
  • Capacity to execute - Do local development partners have a demonstrated track record to ensure results and to secure support from local communities?
  • Cost effectiveness - how effective are the proposed activities in generating the target results?


Community and economic development projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

$3.7 million

Contributed towards community development projects since commencing exploration activities in 2009

The Lundin Foundation

Africa Oil is also a contributing partner to the Lundin Foundation. The Foundation leverages capital from its contributing partners to make impact investments into high potential small and medium enterprises in the areas of agriculture, access to energy and financial services. The Foundation also provides strategic grants that support education and skills development. To date, the Foundation has invested over $13M into SMEs across Sub-Saharan Africa. You can learn more about the Foundation's work here.