Equity Financing

DateSharesPriceGross ProceedsNotes
August, 201531,169,048$2.10US $50,000,000Common Shares
May, 201552,623,377$2.31US $100,000,000Common Shares
February, 201557,020,270$2.74US $125,000,000Common Shares
October, 201356,505,217$8.25US $450,000,000Common Shares
December, 201230,000,000$7.75$232,500,000Common Shares
July, 201025,000,000$1.00$25,000,000Common Shares
April, 200937,421,018$0.95$35,549,966Units - One common share plus one share purchase warrant exercisable at Cdn $1.50 per share for a period of three years.
August, 20082,600,000$5.00$13,000,000Units - One common share plus one-half share purchase warrant. Each whole warrant is exercisable at Cdn $5.40 for a period of two years.
April, 20074,000,000$5.00$20,000,000Common Shares