Our Vision and Values


Africa Oil’s vision is to be full cycle oil exploration and production growth vehicle that integrates sustainability considerations throughout decision-making and operational management. We will work with our partners to support the transition to a less carbon-intensive business.


We strive for operational excellence safeguarding the health and safety of people and protecting the environment
We act in a fair, honest and non-discriminatory way in all our business activities
We adopt the highest standards of professional integrity and comply with national and international laws and regulation
We promote a culture of open and honest dialogue with stakeholders

Our approach to sustainably managing our activities is built upon seven pillars.

As a non operator our ESG strategy is effective governance and stewardship of shareholder capital.

Image of our seven pillars

Sustainability Goals

As a non-operating investor in exploration and production assets, Africa Oil is focused on the effective identification and management of risk. Our operating partners are selected in part on their ability and commitment to manage ESG risks effectively. We monitor operator performance and work with operators where possible and necessary to improve performance. Our role as the custodians of our shareholders’ capital is to ensure robust governance systems are in place to deliver our sustainability goals.

Africa Oil’s Sustainability Goals are:

We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and contractors, with the objective of zero harm in the workplace
We aim to minimize the impact of our activities on the natural environment
We aim to integrate the monitoring management and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions into our activities, strategy and decision-making
We aim to assist the social and economic development of communities associated with our activities
We aim to ensure that activities for which we are responsible respect and protect human rights
We aim to operate to the highest standards of ethical conduct and corporate governance

How We Implement our Sustainability Goals

Where we have operational control, all activities will be planned and implemented in accordance with the more stringent of national regulatory requirements and the Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability of the International Finance Corporation.

Where we do not have operational control, we will work with our Operating Partners to the extent possible to ensure that activities are undertaken in a manner consistent with our goals.

We Support our Operating Partners in Working in a Safe and Sustainable Manner

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