Africa Oil Corp. (“AOI” or the “Company”) is committed to operating in a safe and responsible manner. We put the protection of people and property first and comply with all legislation and good industry practices.


Our goal is to ensure that activities for which we are responsible cause no harm to our people or our host communities. This is done by applying high standards of practice through a process of continual improvement of our management system and adoption of international standards.

The goal of the Company is zero fatalities and zero accidents on all its operated and non-operated assets.

Health & Safety Principles

To meet our commitments, the Company will ensure that activities are run in accordance with the following principles:

  • We will meet or surpass statutory requirements and good industry practice.
  • We will identify and manage risks on a proactive basis - foreseeable hazards must be identified, the associated risk assessed and, where reasonably practical, eliminated or minimized to an acceptable level.
  • Work-related incidents, illnesses and injuries are preventable.
  • There is a safe and correct way of doing every task, however urgent or important.
  • All employees are responsible for their own actions and the workplace health and safety of their fellow workers.
  • We hold ourselves and our contractors accountable for compliance with our policies and procedures.
  • All staff and contractors will be provided with the appropriate resources to complete their tasks efficiently and safely, with clear accountabilities and in accordance with our policies and procedures.
  • We will measure our performance and strive for continuous improvement.
  • We will plan and be prepared for potential emergency situations and public health scenarios to ensure the health and safety of our employees and contractors.
  • We will investigate and learn from incidents.
  • We encourage open and honest communications.

Should operational goals and safety considerations ever come into conflict, staff and contractors have a responsibility to choose safety over operational results, and Company leadership will always support that choice. This includes the responsibility to stop a job whenever activities may conflict with this Policy.

In case of unexpected incidents or events, priority is always given to prevent harm to individuals, the environment, assets, reputation and to re-establish control.

Application & Accountability

This Policy applies to Africa Oil Corp. and its subsidiary companies. The Company’s Chief Executive Officer has overall responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of this Policy.

Senior leadership within the Company and its subsidiaries are accountable for the implementation of and adherence to this Policy.

The Company will develop an appropriate management system to implement this Policy, and measure performance as part of a process of continuous improvement.

The Company will work with its Operating Partners to support their use of health and safety management systems that are consistent with this Policy.

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for providing leadership and direction to achieve Health & Safety goals, targets and objectives and for implementation of the performance review process.

The Board of Directors will provide oversight of implementation of this Policy.

This Policy will be communicated to our employees, Operating Partners, contractors and relevant stakeholders. All employees and contractors are responsible for conducting their work in conformance with this Policy.